Still getting settled into town and classes, but now my workspace in my room is situated and things are a little bit more stable. Now I can have an atmosphere to think?

To think:

This semester, through this class and my own time, I would like to discover where I am, what I am, and what I want to do. I am on the beginning of the stage of life where things are uncertain and futures are unstable, and defining oneself as a person (and subsequently as an artist) is our task. BUT when I say defining I do not mean a FINITE definition. I mean a broad, simple, ever-changing, basic, the cornerstone or building blocks of ideas or personality that will grow and blossom in the next 50 years.
My simple goal is to be a sponge. A better sponge. A sponge that remembers what has happened, and learns from experience and exposure.
I am also trying to define what my thoughts/ideas are, and what ideas I have taken from others (and, if these ideas have been taken from others, have I taken them because I like them and I agree with them, or were they taken out of blind faith and should I re-evaluate them, to see if I really believe in them or if they are just someone else's ideas).

On a more focused note: I want to experiment. To work with: sculpture in all forms, wood, fibers, paper, drawing, wet things, dry things, old things, dirty things, odd things, flat things, image things, functional things. I will confront the trend I have developed of being afraid of/disliking the use of color in my work (things tend to have a neutral palate) and after the confrontation either embrace or reject the trend.
I also will try to develop themes, discover ideas, mold thought processes/idea machines that interest me, hone in on subject matter/issues/events/ideas/thoughts/things in the world around me that interest me and that would influence my creativity.
I would like to become more knowledgeable about the world of art and the world around me. And it is my deepest hope that these things co-mingle and exist on the same plane. If they turn out not to, I will make them.


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