Sculpture II

Undulating Bag Monster in Hallway.

Fed by Wind.


  1. i was wondering who made this, now i know. i very much enjoyed the obstruction of the hallway, but not so much the constant usage of energy. it was interesting the recycling of plastic bags but then the constant use of electricity, its as if saving one meant wasting the other.

    good stuff.

  2. what's interesting now is that there is absolutely no way to get rid of these things. the reason i used plastic bags was because they were something that everyone had and i had no difficulty getting them for free. people kept the bags because they were "useful" but after i didnt' need some of them, most people didn't want them back saying "what use would i have for them?" then why did you keep them???

    now i have a humungous pile of plastic bags in the corner of my foyer and i have no way of getting rid of them. i'll feel guilty if i throw them away...